Our Funds

Below is a summary of the investment objectives for the funds under management.

  • Apollo Asia Fund

    For more information on the Apollo Asia Fund, please visit http://www.apolloinvestment.com

  • Phoenix Gold Fund Ltd

    The Fund seeks to participate in the rise of gold price by purchasing shares in gold mining companies. On occasions, it might also purchase gold bullion and bullion options.  The Fund will invest primarily in listed securities of companies whose principal business is gold mining, or whose income is primarily derived from gold mining or gold mining royalty. The Investment Manager will attempt through fundamental analysis and company visits, to identify companies with operational leverage to the price of gold. The Fund may also buy gold bullion, gold bullion futures contracts and call options on bullion subject to the Investment Restrictions of the Fund.

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  • Panah Fund

    The Panah Fund is an equity long-short fund with macro overlay focusing primarily on Asia to drive returns, with global macro hedges to protect on the downside. The Fund was launched on 1st September 2013.  Please refer to the attached Factsheet for more information

    Fund Performance, Newsletters & Fund Documents

  • Alwaha Fund Ltd

    The Fund is a private equity fund which seeks to maximise long-term investment returns through capital appreciation and income.  It is currently not open for subscription.